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The thinking behind it...


Thank you so much for visiting this site and getting involved.

We live in a beautiful borough with lots of green space and places to get out n visit, so we have lots to work with. Why not make one of those outings go towards a worthy cause, if you’re doing it anyway…

We've already shown how much we can achieve by going into lockdown, so let's keep that community spirit going and find ways to give something back. Something back to all those who throughout these testing times have been there to help in some way.

We can raise awareness here and hopefully as a result raise support for worthy causes in the borough.

Please take a look around the site and get posting!

If we can get enough people taking part, who knows we might tally up enough distance to travel the world not just once but twice, three times - hey we may even get enough miles to travel to the moon and back!

Looking forward to travelling the world with you - let's go!

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