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Paws For Thought...

It's not just us that benefit physically and emotionally from keeping active, our four-legged best friends need their daily dose of exercise and socialisation too. We won't focus too much on their 'novel' social networking method of leaving 'messages' for each other during walks, but I think it's safe to say that if we were to add up the distances our doggy pals cover in a walk, they would have probably circled the world within a week....hmm, now if only I could guarantee the tracker on my phone wouldn't get wet, chewed, pooped on, buried, lost or exchanged for a fine looking stick! Perhaps we should just stick to tracking our own distance whilst walking the dog. A HUGE THANK YOU to the lovely people at Dad In Paws, who know only too well the amazing energy and hilarious antics of our canine companions and have already added an impressive 1078 KM to our distance round the World - it's all adding up! (

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