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Air Ambulance Team, Working Hard to Help Save Lives - COVID-19 experience...

Ben Myer, Clinical Manager at EHAAT said: “When attending incidents, our clinical team have had to wear additional PPE as well as standard flight suit uniform to protect themselves and others against COVID-19. This has meant an additional investment, both financially and in terms of time, to ensure it is available to the team and that it is fitted correctly.

“These extra layers over a full flight suit mean the team can get uncomfortably hot which can make communication harder and what would have been simple tasks more difficult.

“Lockdown resulted in a small reduction in overall missions for a couple of months. However, our teams were kept busy helping the NHS COVID 19 effort by transferring patients between hospitals when they reached capacity or needed a higher level of care as well as continuing to provide our normal response to the critically ill and injured patients in our communities.”

Thank you EHAAT

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